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Client Relations


Strengthening the bridge to successful client relationships

Marketlink Client RelationsThe easiest way to obtain work is from existing clients. An effective client relations program serves as the bridge to maintaining contact with your existing clients.

Success can best be achieved by asking your clients specific questions about the service you provide, the trends in their industry, how the competition is performing and insight into your technical staff's capabilities.


  • Program development and implementation
  • Program evaluation and recommendations
  • Client debriefings
  • Client perception surveys
  • Staff orientation on client relations
  • Contact database development and management

Case Studies

Client Perception Survey

A medium-sized architecture firm on the West Coast wanted to learn more about their reputation with current and past clients as well as how to position themselves with future clients. They retained MARKETLINK to conduct a Client Perception Survey in which 25 of their existing and past clients and 15 potential clients were contacted. This firm learned from MARKETLINK’s final report of their solid reputation in the region and which relationships were in danger of faltering. MARKETLINK’s final report also included recommendations for maintaining and improving the firm’s service.

LINK TO SUCCESS: This architectural firm implemented MARKETLINK's recommendation to start a formal client satisfaction program. One of the owner entities found such value in the architecture firm calling on an on-going basis, the district has now requested all consultants preform a similar survey during their projects.


“Our firm’s management was approaching a critical transition point with the restructuring of our Principals and Board of Directors.  We felt that asking our clients about their perceptions of our firm would be very valuable in helping with our strategic direction.  We engaged MARKETLINK to conduct a client perception survey for us.  We were very pleased with the results of the survey, specifically the recommendations made in order to implement change within our firm.  We have been moving forward with many suggestions made from the report and feel that we have been able to direct the firm toward continued success because of the knowledge we gained in the process.” 
- Parry Brown, Reaveley Engineers & Associates, Inc.


On-going Client Satisfaction Program

A construction firm continues to use MARKETLINK on a monthly basis to make their client relations calls to current and past clients. With this information, they are able to change the course of their projects mid-stream or resolve differences with past clients and salvage the relationship. Either way, both they and the client win. These regular client relations calls reminded several past clients of their good working relationship with this construction firm netting the firm several opportunities to negotiate or bid on upcoming projects. In addition to meeting the basic goals of the Client Perception Survey, MARKETLINK was able to identify over 50 upcoming project leads for the next three years.

LINK TO SUCCESS: A past client who had not worked with this firm for some time gave them a project before the survey was even completed because he was reminded of their past relationship from our survey calls.

Client Quote

"MARKETLINK has been conducting monthly client satisfaction programs for the past five years. Their ability to provide us with information from our clients regarding our service on a project has been invaluable. We have learned what we do well and when we need to make corrections. This has benefitted us greatly." 
- Karen Carr, Stafford King Wiese

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